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About Us

Recrear is a non-profit organization comprised of young social innovators from around the globe. Our mission is to ensure that young people are actively involved in the development of their communities, because we see young people as essential catalysts and agents for impactful sustainable development.

We provide consulting services to support our partnering organizations with the design, implementation, and monitoring of youth-friendly programs. We use a youth-to-youth approach to collect information on young people’s perspectives through participatory research projects. Through programs that use creative and engaging techniques (photography, sports, development theatre, and many others), we supply space and tools for youth to articulate their needs and build a vision for their community’s development. Based on the information and insight we gather, we then strive to deepen the connection and improve the quality of collaboration between youth and development partners through consulting.

Mission: Recrear works to ensure that young people are actively involved in the sustainable development of their communities.

Vision: Recrear envisions an intercultural world where young people are connected to their local and global communities by proactively participating with development partners to create inspired dialogue and innovative development projects.

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