About RecrearMagnify

RecrearMagnify is a our annual conference- a full immersion in the world of Recrear.

We use the annual conference to recruit and train new staff, further develop our culture (for a taste of that click here), and plan for the activities of the following year. We organize our annual conference in a different location every year. So far we have landed in Berlin (Germany, read more about how Recrear started with Recrear.beta), Ottawa (Canada), Quito, (Ecuador) and New Orleans (USA) and Armenia.

During the annual conference, participants receive specialized training in areas such as nonprofit management, objectivity in the field of international development and social entrepreneurship from professionals working in the civil society, public and private sector. With an informed view and the support of a dynamic international membership, each participant becomes an active contributor in shaping Recrear’s future.

During RecrearMagnify we want to: 

•Train our staff: RecrearMagnify will train the participants in intercultural communication, leadership and NGO development. Moreover, we will be debating important topics in the field.

Consolidate our network: The conference will be an very powerful team building tool.

• Develop a year plan for Recrear: At RecrearMagnify will envision a year of growth by refining and expanding upon our current strategies in order to achieve actionable goals.

RecrearMagnify allows participants the opportunity to:

  • Network within an international group of passionate, motivated youth leaders
  • Train in intercultural communication, leadership and NGO development
  • Contribute to the development of Recrear in the coming year
  • Apply their skills to engage directly in their local and global community

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