Recrear.beta starts tomorrow! Welcome to Berlin!

Recrear.beta starts tomorrow! Welcome to Berlin!

We are thrilled to announce the start of Recrear.beta set for tomorrow, August 3rd, 2010, and wish to send out a warm welcome to our participants from India, Pakistan, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Germany, Mexico, Canada, and the United States! This diverse group will be living and working together in Berlin for the next 3 weeks to develop Recrear as an international non-profit organization. In addition, they will be taking part in a number of exciting workshops and events, including two conferences to be held at the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. These programs will include everything from NGO development, business ethics, and international development to leadership skills and intercultural communication.

Recrear.beta’s participants will be hosted in the newest facility of the Hotel 4 Youth, located directly along a former stretch of the Berlin Wall, and we encourage you to follow our progress there in the coming days on our website and blog. Furthermore, we would like to thank all of our other sponsors for their donations and support: without them, this fantastic opportunity for all of our participants would not be possible.


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