Getting Started!

by Gioel Gioacchino

The long countdown to the beginning of Recrear.beta, diligently tracked for months on our website, opened the door for an initiative with a life on its own. Nine months after Recrear.beta was first ‘conceived’ and two days after it came to life, Recrear.beta is finally taking its first steps as an infant.

As one of the developers and coordinators of the program, watching and participating in developing its personality is an incredible experience.

The idea of Recrear.beta was based on a simple theory: that a group working together can produce ideas that are far more enriching and powerful than those of one or two individuals. The first days of Recrear.beta are testing this theory with excellent results. Indeed, the arrival of the group to Hotel 4 Youth opened a Pandora’s box of new opportunities and initiatives- ideas are put on the table, discussed, scrutinized, celebrated…

Recrear.beta’s group is a full 360 degrees of diversity. It begins with the many nationalities represented, intertwines with backgrounds ranging from biology to politics to urban planning, and gains complexity when considering the various personalities, communication styles, smiles, senses of humor, and accents.

I am going to bed exhausted after a long day, curious to see how well the enthusiasm of the past few days will be channeled, and with the nice sensation of having found a particularly special group of new friends.


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