The Art of Breathing

by Kwabena A. Nkansah

Today, the second Monday at Recrear Conference was one such an amazing day because l found out something new, natural and reliable. It is breathing exercises. I attended Achieving Personal Excellence (APEX) seminar and by the end of it, l knew this was me. I am talking about the art of breathing at the Art of Living.

The breathing exercises took me to a place where l experienced inner peace and energy which is sometimes difficult to find with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It did not require too much of me, except myself and readiness to try.  I learnt that the energy that one can derive from breathing has not been maximized. Actually, human beings use only about 30% of energy that can be derived from it. Aside from eating drinking and sleeping; breathing remains the source of energy that has not been taped.

Sometimes, one walk his/her way into discoveries but you need not to because it is right here.

I found it, believed it and recommend it to you.


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