Kevin says hi :)

My time here in Berlin is quickly coming to a close. I have been here almost two weeks and I only have 8 days remaining. This is my first blog.

My name is Kevin Potter Jr. At home, in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) my friends call me KP. I’m a senior at the University of New Orleans, studying Urban Studies & Regional Planning, with concentrations in transportation and urban design. But I don’t wish to write about me; rather I hope you learn more about the amazing group of individuals I have been blessed to spend time with in Berlin.

Our coordinators, Gioel and Christian have obviously devoted much of their personal lives over the past year in order to accomplish the feat of bringing over a dozen people from around the world together to create a new NGO. But why we are here is so much more than to just strategize, organize, plan and put into motion this idea of a public benefit platform for the world’s youth. The core of this project, Recrear.beta, lies in the personal growth of the participants and harnessing our ability to inspire each other, connecting our personalities towards our goal, and creating a three week experience that will mold us for years to come. To do so, we have been working and studying 6 days a week via workshops and lectures from educators with backgrounds in finance, development, leadership, social media, and sustainability. We have also carried out our own personal conference on Ethics in Business at the BMW Foundation downtown located by Parliament.

Of course there has been many late nights, early mornings and restless days as we are doing this all in just 21 days, but through it we are becoming a strong conglomerate of ideas and we are in fact only four days away from our first fundraiser as Re-Crear, which will be hosted at Yaam (a Jamaican beach environment in the heart of the city).

Ahhh, I feel so overwhelmed just think about everything that has happened in just 2 weeks, I hope I can communicate as much of the interesting things as possible, but in an effort to keep this short enough for everyone to read I will end this one here for now. I hope you check back in later.


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