Video Conference to Carleton University

Yesterday, An-Najah students participated in a videoconference with students from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Recrear, an international non-governmental organization focused on helping youth around the world, implemented the session with 100+ students at the university. This was one session of a two weeks long training workshop, ‘RecrearApply!’.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for the community here.  Although, it’s a simple idea to connect students in each country, it’s never happened here before, or for the students in Canada,” said Komal Minhas, one of the Recrear organizers.

For forty-five minutes, the students from Canada asked questions about the barriers students in Palestine faced during the Intifada, how they persevered through those experiences and what life is like now as a student in Palestine.  Students from An-Najah were curious about how students at Carleton react to women in hijabs and how to effectively manage your time as a full-time student.

“An-Najah is very excited about this initiative.  This is the first of two sessions this week where our students in Nablus will connect with international students.  Today, we are going to hold a conference with students from New Orleans,” said Mohammad Dwaikat, professor at An-Najah and the main faculty coordinator of the RecrearApply! project.

The RecrearApply! workshop will end this Sunday with a global village at An-Najah University, all are welcome to attend.


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