Did the past two weeks actually happen?  Two weeks literally felt like two minutes.

I am so proud of my RecrearApply! team for their passion and commitment to our workshops and our project.  Gioel, Kevin, Kirsten and Qasim, you have all inspired me to keep going, to push myself and to continue giving to the people around me.  We have made a change, we have left a lasting impression on many people at An-Najah… this is incredible.

As I sit at Maya’s house in Tel Aviv reflecting on our time spent together, I can’t help but feel so lucky and so amazed at the potential within each of us and within all the people I’ve met through Recrear, in Berlin and in Nablus.  We will continue to commit to implementing change and to commit to projects that will affect people around the world. This is why I love all of you, you make me better and stronger, and for this, I thank you.

– KM


2 thoughts on “Decompress

  1. Guys you were unbelievable , every one here appreciate what you did in An-Najah , we had such a great time.
    I hope you’ll be back soon 😉

  2. Hi Komal
    i just wana comment because in fact you and your team were amazing you help us to connect,inspire and creat and you gain your goals.
    i just want to say thank you because you did the best and i ask Allah to make come back again here in nablus at least just see you and your team because you are now live in our hearts and will live forever.
    thank you Komal,Gioel,Kirsten,Qasim,and Keven.
    have a nice life with your family

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