Global Village V.I.P.

Our last day at al-Najah was beautifully unexpected.

After the ‘Arabic speech’ (I must admit I have never been so nervous speaking in public), I was really touched by the Prezi presentations a group of students prepared for us. I wished I could have stopped time to sit and enjoy that moment. I did not know that this desire would have continued throughout the morning.

Cutting the red ribbon at the entrance of the Global Village exposition was another strong emotion. I have never thought I would be asked to cut a red ribbon! The ‘cut of the ribbon’ initiated one of the most exciting hours of my life.

It was definitely over whelming to be in the spot light. As Kirsten pointed out, in our sessions during Recrear-Apply! we stressed the importance of sharing your story to connect with others. Our students got the point! The Global Village was a manifestation of different stories. Every conversation I had in that short time has been important and telling.

I tried to shut down the rest of the universe for those few minutes and dedicate my full attention to the person that was sharing something precious and unique with me. I was truly on a high while hearing about every school project and village, tasting traditional food, admiring paintings or playing ping-pong.

I want the al-Najah students and volunteers to know that those moments were very special for me.  I wish I had the chance to express my gratitude for all the efforts they have put in preparing such a beautiful and flattering event for all of us.



One thought on “Global Village V.I.P.

  1. Gioel really really you were the best ,big boss we miss you so much thank you for every thing you did and we hope to met soon.
    thank you thank you thank you
    you and your team were soooooooo incredible

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