How lucky we are…

I have to say, it’s been almost a year since I first started working with Recrear and my heart continues to race  during every moment I spend in this organization.  Right now I have two of my very close colleagues in New Orleans with me as we are designing the guidelines for our first ever local chapter as part of the International organization.   With the help of some amazing and involved student leaders in the New Orleans area, specifically current students and alumni from the University of New Orleans, I am witnesing tremendous strides in the goals and strategies needed for a local chapter.

What I see as making this unique opportunity so much fun is knowing that after we are done setting up our own chapter in New Orleans, our process will then go on to the international conference that is being held in Ottawa this year for the organization to develop concrete criteria for local chapter development to be used worldwide for Recrear.  So this work here in New Orleans will really have global implications via Recrear and the students we are working with now on the ground will have the chance to help shape a global NGO for a long time to come.

I cannot wait to get into the project development stage next week along with us hosting two fundraisers for RecrearParticipate which will be going on in the Dominican Republic after the New Orleans chapter is launched.  So again, the work we are doing will immediately impact a community very close to New Orleans and give our new chapter members a first hand experience in organizing the community for a great cause.

-Kevin Potter


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