Recrear New Orleans day 4

Being a part of the planning committee for Recrear New Orleans for the past week has been an amazing experience. Right now, I am really excited to see what direction we take our chapter in, and how that can benefit Recrear International as a whole. And I think what I love the most is that I am a part of deciding that direction. I feel a real ownership to this New Orleans chapter, and in the long run I think that is what is really going to make us really successful. I love the energy and excitement in all the meetings that we have been having every night. I leave feeling like I am part of creating something that is going to be bigger than just me and my community, and that is really an amazing feeling. I know that we have SO MUCH work to do, and it is a bit intimidating to be honest. But I know that we have a great group of people working together right now to make it work. We are all really dedicated to making sure this is successful, and I know that it will be.

-Emily Bruner


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