Recrear New Orleans – Goals and Strategies

Many flipcharts later, we concluded our first week of work together in New Orleans with some interesting points in hand (celebrate!).

We brainstormed our goals and strategies for Recrear New Orleans – the next steps will be deciding what programs this chapter will be focusing on, developing job descriptions, and designing a 3 year plan.

Check out our goals:

  • Be action oriented;
  • Foster intercultural dialogue;
  • Promote collaborative exchange.

Our strategies to achieve these goals are:

  • Partner with the University of New Orleans to develop Regional Leadership Institute training sessions;
  • Develop collaborative training workshops;
  • Create a strategic network of regional partners;
  • Build, maintain and track stakeholder relations;
  • Increase Recrear’s influence through social media;
  • Provide opportunity for regional project development.

We look forward to your comments and ideas and happy 4th of July!

– Gioel


2 thoughts on “Recrear New Orleans – Goals and Strategies

  1. I think two of the main things we should focus on accomplishing in the next year is a) to begin our series of collaborative training workshops and b) to begin collecting applications from new orleans youth for a local project that we could implement. If Recrear’s purpose is to give inspired youth opportunity, resources, and connections, we should make that our first priority! Then all the local chapter members will do everything they can to see to it that this project comes alive.

    As for what job position I’m interested in, I have no freaking clue.

    😉 xo, L

  2. To help us create a strategic network of regional partners and to provide opportunities for regional project development, I propose that our workshops be coupled with short-term volunteer-ships, similar to internships, only that they are intended to familiarize participants with the field they would like to be working in, and can provide local NGOs with valuable assistance.

    This kind of action-oriented program will strengthen our relationships with our participating NGOs and give them an additional incentive to provide us with their resources and support.

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