A quarter of a century in one day

This year for my birthday I did more than I have ever done.  It was quite a feat for me to organize all of my networks and “IOU’s” to culminate in a one day celebration of life and prosperity.  On July 5th, I did more than celebrate the day I entered the world;  I shared my love for a grassroots organization with my family, friends, and most importantly, my city.  To inspire the community I owe so much too, I brought my favorite passion in life home.  Recrear was reaching the completion of its first year and some of the Beta members were in New Orleans to not only launch our first local chapter, but we were raising money for our second signature project, Recrear Participación which would be in the Dominican Republic a week after the celebration.

The event was a success in a multitude of proportions.  I would like to take this moment to extend my deepest personal gratitude to all those who showed up with your love.  The evening was hosted at the beautiful Rusty Nail (don’t let the name fool you) in the Warehouse District.  All the guest were tapping their feet to the musical sounds of Robin Barnes.  And when we got hungry, the party was catered with some of the Potter Family’s secret recipes in addition to the sweet treats baked by Dawn Jefferson.  In addition, I wasn’t the only one who left the party with gifts, as there was a silent auction of framed pictures featuring past Recrear projects and, Recrear raised over $1000 for the Recrear Participación project.

Thanks again to all who attended.  Please view the project summary for more details along with viewing the slideshow.

-Kevin Potter


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