So I failed to mention . .

…that our first fundraiser which happened on July 5th/Kevin’s 25th b-day bash was a success. $910 raised for our cause ($911 to be exact because I found a dollar on the ground which was unaccounted for). It started off slow, however, after an hour or two it was popping. It was the perfect networking activity for us to experience. So many people pitched in for this effort it was amazing. One of Kevin’s friends baked an enormous cake with the Recrear logo and colors which was enough to feed an entire army..Literally!!! We are still eating off of it today. The Rusty Nail also donated $1 for every drink bought at the bar. So if any of you followers are in New Orleans next time, please check out this awesome establishment. Great drinks, relaxed atmosphere, yet vibrant with locals and musicians alike. They were gracious enough to let us use their space as well as donating money to our cause. And I would also like to point out that Robin Barnes is an amazing singer!

P.S. I think that there might be some leftover cake at KP’s house if anybody wants any!!!! 🙂

-James Smith


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