Breath in

Day one of Recrear Magnify has come and gone but as we settle in for a week at the North American Ashram, our staff has taken an immediate connection to one another in a magnetic way.  This year, Recrear continues to pull youth from ever expanding corners of the world to join us in finding our own inspiration, connecting our visions, and (re)creating our futures together.   Among the list of countries that are home to our current members, this year’s ambassadors come from Rwanda, Morocco, Russia, Puru and various cities in North America.

Today we begin our first program, Yes+.  It’s a three day course that teaches breathing techniques, meditation and concentration skills, team building, and personal empowerment.  Now, I won’t go into the details but, already I can see that this is an amazing way for the ambassadors to meet each other in a much more profound way then we would just playing a series of icebreakers.  Through the Yes+ program, we are afford the time for personal development and introspection while also building our communication skills with thought-provoking, interpersonal sharing.

I’m very excited to know more about my new colleagues, what they would like to do with Recrear, and more importantly, what Recrear can do for them.

-Kevin Potter


One thought on “Breath in

  1. Great to see you guys having a good time. Share all the great energy with each other during Yes+ and then get Recrear Canada up and running in the weeeeks that follow!

    Excited about what’s next,


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