With love..from Morocco :)

A Recrear Youth Ambassador @ the Art Of Living center:

2nd day of silence, 4th day Yoga & Meditation; (August 4, 2011)

No energy left! STARVING! Need rest!

Missing the city lights and the Moroccan food, hate Canadian mosquitoes they’ve drank half of my blood, I hope at least I lost some weight! The food is not bad at all, but it’s not fresh anymore when I eat it at night (NO PRANA)!

Today is like the hardest day ever, no talking, no food, no drink (by the way it’s Ramadan for me, for those of you who didn’t know) and Meditation, meditation, meditation … (Sleeping and waking up, sleeping and waking up , sleeping and waking…)

+++ The SEVA= doing hard work like in prison!! OMG, it can’t be worse!! Working in the woods, lifting weights, killing insects and of course coming back into meditation in only 5 min!

But not everything was that bad, in reality I really enjoyed my day, I love the Satsang (singing with the group at night), I like how people really care about each others in this place, and how easily they spread love around them and give HUGS! I also like the listening and the “ready-to-find-a-solution” personality aspect they have in here, they do their best, I can see and feel it in every moment of the day, such good people! I’m So happy to be around them.

LIKE the morning Yoga, because everyone during it is starving like me for once, at least during a few minutes just before having their breakfast :p , the place is also sooooo beautiful, I’ve never dreamed to be in a place like this, the lake , the trees, the houses ( Brahma ❤ ) …

Definitely going Back.



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