Notes from Russia

Today is my birthday and I’m spending it with my family. My home is thousands of miles away, so are my parents and my brother. Yet, I feel I’m celebrating my birthday in the right place with the best people I could’ve ever celebrated it with. And there’s one thing I want to tell my Recrear family: I BELONG TO YOU!

It’s been an amazing week that we have spent together at Ashram, during which I got to learn so much about myself that it actually freaked me out. Now I need to get used to this stranger who’s still having my name, but I hope she is very different from what I used to be.  The only lesson from week one that I still have to learn is finding peace within myself; however, I’m getting closer to it than any time before (I bet this is due to doing kriya with you this morning!) My experience during week 1 has been primarily positive, although it has been painful at times. But the weirdest thing that I’ve learned during our meditation was accepting this pain.  Maybe this is why I’m looking forward for more work, meditation, sleepless nights, gallons of coffee, but most importantly more FUN!



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