In it to win it!!!

Session 1 for day 3 of week 2 for RecrearMagnify! Keenan Wellar, Co-founder of LiveWorkPlay is imparting wonderful wisdom on his experiences with building his charitable organization. LiveWorkPlay’s motto is “A good life for people with intellectual disabilities”. This organization focuses on aiding individuals with intellectual disabilities to live and function just like any other person in everyday society.

One thing that stands out in my mind about his presentation are some quotes that he gave us concerning boards and governing committees:

“Effective governance by a board  is a relatively rare and unnatural act…they are often little more than high-powered, well-intentioned people engaged in low-level activities” (Chait, Holland, and Taylor, 1996, p.1).

Our group is using his experience to ask about forming a better framework to keep everyone engaged as well as a more organized way of forming a board or executive committee.

The best attribute to have is to be willing to challenge yourself and never assume that you are done.

A great question to ask ourselves: How do we hold the passion that founded the organization after we already have the infrastructure in place?!

For the full session, check out the recording of our Live stream!!

On a closing note as food for thought:

“If you are going to shift the paradigms that govern our world, you are going to have to shift the paradigms of non-profit governance” (Keenan Wellar).

-James Smith


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