On the road to knowledge.

Sometimes there are not words to describe the value of an experience.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create a non-profit. You may have to re-invent your funding methods every so often due to constantly changing financial realm. CIDA cut-backs on program funding and a transition to biding for project support will change “the game” of non-profit and charitable fundraising in the Canadian context.

It’s is incredible how receptive everyone has been when we approach them about Recrear. More astonishing is how much people want us to succeed. The level of constructive criticism from various professionals is integral to our success in the future.

Tomorrow is our last day of the speaker series. Although this week has been an information overload for us all, that overload did not manifest as confusion or stress. Each and every single one of us has an entirely new understanding of the non-profits, charities, and the international development world.

We talked today about why people should be interested in what we’re doing. I can’t find one answer. We’re a group of 14 people from varying fields of study with completely different life experiences. I feel that in the last 13 days our understanding of ourselves and world of development has exponentially broadened. With what we have learned we will succeed in the world of international development.

By the end of next week we will have officially created a new international non-profit. I can’t wait for this organization to take off in the coming years!

Expand your world!

– Mitch


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