Let’s put it all together- ready for Week 3!

My Recrear head is a Pandora box, and all the inputs that we received during the last two weeks have been feeding into it. The conference so far has provided me with the space to think about myself and the work I do at Recrear, to feel engrossed by the energy of my colleague, and to keep reflecting about the future and purpose of this organization.


During week 1, I was reminded that beyond the ‘professional interaction’ we might have as a group, at the basis of our work we interact with people. People that are packed with joy and pain, fears and excitement and a LOT more- being able to feel and see the density (and simplicity) of each person was powerful and refreshing. At the personal level, I am proud to declare to the blogging community that I can be in silence for three days. Yes, shocking, I know.

The YES + and YES ++ made me feel like I could actually disengage for a moment from the work that I am doing and see things in prospective. If my Recrear-possessed-mind was calm after week 1, week 2 shook it like a Polaroid picture. Last week was like attending a fancy buffet where you need to make a decision on what to eat, what to try, and what to decide not to touch. I let myself go back and forth between being carried away by complex discussions and thinking about the specific tasks and challenges ahead of us. There are many, many ideas to work with. One of our challenges will be to to pick, choose, research and process these idea in order to assimilate new prospective into our culture and programs.

Week 3 is the time to do this. To me, this week is crucial in determining how smoothly our work will run this year. This makes me slightly nervous, but also very charged. I know it is going to be hard, and in my experience the process of ‘planning’ is in constant flirtation with the feeling of ‘frustration’, but ‘guess what week 3?!’, I am 100% present and ready to go! We are ready to focus, connect the dots and make things happen.

– Gioel




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