Pure Joy

What have my past two weeks been like? Pure joy. Let’s see…in the first week I learnt how to do yoga and meditate while at a beautiful retreat just out of Montreal, at the Art of Living Foundation. I shared a cabin with four sistas; Valerie, Kirsten, Komal and Gillian, and I was lucky enough to have experienced the joy of having five cellphones alarms being snoozed for an hour each morning. I tasted some of the finest vegetarian cuisine and swam in the cleanest lake with an awesome group of friends. We silenced together, sang together, cried and laughed together. We watched my car get towed (uhmmmm….twice), we pushed that car, we jumped that car, man… we drove that car. I want to especially thank Nolan, James, Mitch, Kevin and Ryan  for being there for me. Thanks homies!  When I thought it couldn’t get any better… then came the second week.


With such a great line up of guest speakers, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the end of the week. The Generation NGO authours, HUB Ottawa founder and Médecins Sans Frontières are definitely my top three. Even though I had paint in my hair, they still seemed to take my questions seriously for some reason I can’t understand. By the time the end of the second week had arrived, I just wanted to take over control Recrear, take ownership right? And that’s exactly what this third and final week is turning out to be. Working in the Finance and Legality department is definitely the place to be. We’re experiencing that feeling of signing up your kid for their first day of school, and then watching them grow. I don’t want the conference to end!! It’s pure joy.


Sifa K.


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