Recrear’s Wish List!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

This Holiday Season you can decide to support Recrear by donating some of the equipment we need for our projects.

Below is a wish list of what we need for our upcoming projects with a description of how they will be used and a link to Amazon where you can purchase it for us. Alternatively, we would also very much appreciate your old cameras, voice recorders, flash drives etc; Even a small gift would go very far! We need products starting from 12 USD. Below, you can also choose to earmark your cash donation to a specific project. Please take the time to learn about the exciting projects we have this upcoming Holiday Season!

Products may be shipped to:


1-149 Fifth Avenue,

Ottawa, ON K1S 2M8, Canada

  • Kodak Cameras:

These one-time-use cameras will be made available to the groups of young Afro Ecuadorians working with us in 100 Voices for them to visually tell their stories (which will be shared with you!).

Click here to view and purchase this item on Amazon.


A flip cam will allow us to capture the voices and stories of Afro Ecuadorian youths in 100 Voices.
  • Flip Cam

Click here to view and purchase this item on Amazon.


Portable Hard Disk and Memory Cards

So that we can carry around the world all the data we collect!

Click here to view and purchase this item on Amazon.

  • Canon or Sigma lens 18-200 mm

This will allow Recrear to continue taking and sharing beautiful pictures from our projects all over the world…

Click here to view and purchase this item online.


  • Donation for RecrearParticipate

Read more and sponsor RecrearParticipate in Bangladesh.

To sponsor RecrearParticipate visit:

RecrearParticipate is designed to engage marginalized youth to transform their ideas of innovation and change into implementable projects that define ideas into clear objectives, effective strategies and expected output. Following the belief that inspired youth are willing to lead their own community development when given the tools, Recrear will be delivering this signature project in Chittagong, Bangladesh from December 14th -21st working in partnership with the local organization, Young Power in Social Action (YPSA). The project will be reaching a wide network of rural Bangladeshi youth who will obtain, through RecrearParticipate, a better understanding of the process of implementing projects and the resources and networks available to put their ideas into action.

If you wish to advance Recrear’s capacity to support this youth group in their future projects please donate to RecrearParticipate! 

  • Donation for RecrearApply

Read more and sponsor RecrearApply project in Russia.

To sponsor RecrearApply visit:

While Recrear members are working in Bangladesh, others will be in Kazan, Russia from December 19th-30th providing training and assistance in intercultural dialogue and professional development. RecrearApply is two-week workshop whose goal is to increase Russian youth’s international mobility, access, and influence.  The partner organization is the Department of Conflict Studies of Kazan National Technological University, which is actively involved in international cooperation. Recrear trainers will work with 30-40 students to instruct and share the vital skills needed to apply to international universities and programs. We believe that studying abroad will improve the targeted students’ language skills and offer a broader perspective while also making participants part of a wider scientific and professional community. Moreover, the students, who have an opportunity to study abroad, are ultimately more empowered in their own communities.

To support Recrear’s ultimate mission of mobilizing, engaging, and connecting youth globally please donate to support Recrear members in these efforts!

  • Donation for 100 Voices:

Sponsor our experimental project with AfroEcuadorian Youths in Ecuador.

To sponsor 100 Voices visit:

As an innovative and reflective organization, Recrear believes in the value of research and exploration to obtain a significant understanding of youth’s perception on development efforts. Following 2011 as the UN year of Afrodescendants, Recrear will be looking at how AfroEcuadorian youth interpret their participation and relationship with the institutions ‘doing’ development– particularly in communities where there is a significant presence of NGOs.

Set in the province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador, 100 voices is a project inspired by Recrear’s mission to empower youth to recreate their communities and world at large through innovative community development projects, inspired dialogue, and unique initiatives.In partnership with an Ecuadorian government agency, Secreataria de Pueblos, Recrear members will travel to six regions of the Esmeralda province collecting stories from youth regarding their experiences concerning the impact development institutions have created in their personal and communal lives. Recrear will be applying a series of creative participation tools like development theatre, creative writing and community mapping, all intended to create a comfortable and dynamic environment for individuals to share their stories. Given the long-term nature of this project, Recrear is seeking ways to encourage Afro Ecuadorian youth to participate as local coordinators with a modest stipend system.Our goal is to nurture and support their interest and to provide these participatory roles to local youth.

We hope that you will help us by donating items from our Wish List and by donating to sponsor this research development project. 100 Voices will be a published research project and your support will be infinitely valued.

Thank you for your support!

We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!

– The Recrear Team      


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