Day 1 impressions

So, glad to tell everyone: Fist session of Recrear Apply is finished and it was very fascinating!
It sounds like some usual thing – first day of one of the conference in KHTI. But for organizers and participations it means that something very important happened in Kazan! We were there and we are new people now.
What new we know after first day?) We know about Recrear International, its vision, principles, structure. We know about opportunities that everyone has to study abroad. And the most important thing – we know that everything is possible, especially if you have an accurate purpose and friend’s support. For instance – I know one man who with support of friends could flown through ocean to hold seminars about studying abroad ;))
Sasha and Nolan asked us to tell about our wild expectations. Graduating Harvard, going to Canada and even see the magic – there is a small part of participant’s expectations of this project.
I believe that many expectations will come true.
Unfortunately there was few people at first day – many students in Kazan now prepare to pass winter tests and exams. But in secret I can tell you as a selfish participant – for participants this situation is good because organizers can give more attention to our plans, our CV, recommendation letters etc. But nevertheless I hope that on following sessions will come to more people, and we’ll be able to create our network in Kazan.
Waiting next sessions with impatience, because we will know how to chose program, hoe to write CV, to cope with cultural shock, and many oter useful things.
Thank you Sasha and Nolan for everything you do and see you again tonight!


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