Qouting project participants: Ksusha

I’m sitting at home today- unfortunately it’s the last day of my vacation – and enjoying of reading the Recrear’s Blog.  I think about Nolan’s warring (ex: “Will I be helpful? Will they come back tomorrow?”) and understand that he’s very brave person. If I come to another country not as a tourist or even student, but as a teacher, it would be very stressful for me.  Especially if we are talking about Russia –  the country of paradoxes and surprises.  And also as all of you know we have bears walking on the streets here, in Russia- it’s the stressful point too =)

But I’m sure that now after few days Nolan know  that all of participants are listening him and Sasha with a lot of attention and interest and are very grateful to them for these seminars. You spend your time and knowledge and we very appreciate it!

Unfortunately I had to miss the third day  and now writing Sasha’s post I ‘m upset even more. Because I can imagine how interesting and cheerfully was discussing of cultural shock and cultural differences.   But the cool thing is that I know I can ask Sasha or Nolan and they‘ll tell me about everything I want to know. Comprehension of it makes me happy and motivates me.

But I can share impressions of the second day. As for me – on the second session I went like on the meeting with good friends. There were more people, more information too. We talked about exams that we need to pass like TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT and about features of preparation for them. Talked about applications forms and applications fee, and a little bit about recommendation letters. It was great that Nolan already had searched for programs for those participants who were at the first session. And also we talked about differences between PhDs and Masters Programs. I definitely decided to search Master program, because for me – as for humanitarian person- it approaches more. It was very useful discussion for me – because before this session I couldn’t be defined in any way. Sure that other participants also found this session very interesting and useful for them.

Waiting for new sessions  and  thanks for organizers !!!


One thought on “Qouting project participants: Ksusha

  1. If they were english bears I would not be so worried 🙂 — Thank you for your kind words. And do not worry about missing days, it just means we get to have more conversation later.

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