Quoting project participants: Alsu

8 days of the workshop has passed. Few weeks ago I didn’t know anything about Recrear organization, I didn’t know exactly why I had agreed to take part in this workshop, and only now (or maybe 2 or 3 days ago) I realized that I had made a good decision!

I missed first session, so when I came on Tuesday (and, of course, I was late!) I felt rather uncomfortable. I entered the room and listened to the “teachers”, who was explaining the differences between Master’s and PhD’s programs. I can’t say that the “lesson” impressed me very much. I thought that next – intercultural – session could be more interesting for me (we got schedule in advance, and it was very good) and it was so.

Day by day we were getting more information about studying abroad, in particular, how to write cover letters, resume etc. Day by day we were forming as a group (maybe it took much time because every session we had new participants). No doubt, nowadays we are a team, RA-team! And it’s great! Christmas potluck was a good opportunity to learn more about each other. It was a wonderful day I’ve spent with really interesting people. I’m happy that Recrear workshop joined us together and I’ve got useful information. I’m sure that next 3 days won’t disappoint me.


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