Here is to building friendships, networks, community and NGO’s :D

ImageWhen I was packing my bag to come out here to the Magnify conference I asked my self a lot of things… yes I know that sounds so cheesy but I did. This is an investment in its own, as I will be giving my time, energy and money – I just wanted to be sure. I was worried about outcomes and my contribution. I remember thinking maybe this thing is not for me but I am thankful that I ignored that negative thought and decided to come out here anyway.
Here we are architects. Well, I am a full-time law school student and I don’t know how to use a brick but thankfully I know how to think. I have learned how to build friendships with people of different backgrounds. I have a better understanding of cultures and how they influence individuals in their social interactions. I have been listening  to great speakers, constructing ideas and watching those ideas grow into something exciting. The ideas in the conference room are bigger than the world, they just need a good force contributing in their growth. They need you and me, they need us. The power of youth is big and we can make this thing happen and we are  awesome so: world you better watch out! Join the group and feel the energy; it is addictive 🙂
“History is made in the present”– B-mike the director of 2-cent entertainment and one of our speakers this week.
– Hilina B.

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