I have had the privilege over the years to work with the Coady International Institute in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
The Coady Institute is a place and space dedicated to bringing together community practitioners from across the world to share best practices, learn and celebrate with one another.  In this spirit, we have created a course that gathers young community activists and practitioners from across Canada to share ideas, stretch each other’s minds and dream with one another.

The collective space that we share, participants and facilitators alike, is one that asks us to look deeply at our experiences, our perspectives, our values and to be open to the possibility of change.  Meaningful and profound conversations and debates take place that require self-reflection, honesty and vulnerability.  What is often gained in exchange is a unique kind of personal and collective transformation.  I thrive on this form of deep learning – which pushes and pulls and that can be as uncomfortable as it is rewarding.

My intention for 2014 is to seek out more opportunities in which I can make myself vulnerable in hopes of learning more about myself and how I want to be in the world, by engaging with others and what drives their community spirit and soul.


What is your community practice intention for 2014?

Natalie Abdou
Community Arts and Social Justice Facilitator


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