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As South Americans we live in complex contexts that have led us to search for new paths of social change. During this search we have discovered the great potential that lies in cultural expressions to create new possibilities, to reconstruct what has been broken, to unite and to recognize diversity. This is the conviction that motivates our actions; cultural expression is the path that we choose to create social transformation in our contexts.

The 7th of October of 2013 we left our home city, Cali, Colombia, to discover, live and learn from the different cultural processes that arise in South America; five young adults, one beat up car, a few back packs, instruments, some experience, lots of expectation and one dream…

A dream to discover through RESEARCH. We believe that understanding social realities is the best way to create change in them. With this in mind we have initiated a systematization of experiences, where we will visit twenty social organizations in ten South American countries who are creating social change through the arts. Amidst movement, music, canvas and bodies this systematization of experiences has begun. We are looking to understand how these organizations are doing what they are doing, what works for them and what doesn´t, reflecting upon the organizations histories and showing the results in a book and a documentary so that we can all learn from these experiences.

We are advancing and materializing the dream of living South America, sharing art, creating volunteer networks and researching.

We invite you to be a part of this dream.

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