So how lucky am I?!?

In a field

Imagine a field of flowers. In the background there is a white horse grazing in front of pine trees with the Caucasian mountains as a dramatic backdrop. The scene is straight out of a fairy tale- yet this was actually our office space for a morning session on RecrearMagnify Armenia.

In the afternoon we moved to the canyon between the mountains where the rivers meet deep down below. The office was now the overgrown ruin of a bath house from the middle ages placed on a field of grass with the ever present backdrop of the stunning mountains. The soundtrack of nature and the open sky above gave room to thoughts bigger than any usual office space in a big city.

Armenian bath house

Armenia is a land in many ways lost in time and the fairytale setting could not be any more romantic. I must declare myself 100% a fan of these working conditions and I truly feel blessed that we can take advantage of these surreal surroundings a few more days before we move the office to the capital.

– Katrine Mathiesen, Danmark

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