Musical Silver linings: 10 Songs to Make You Smile

When the world gets heavy, these are 10 songs to make you smile

We asked our network of young people around the world to share with us a song that reminds them of the good in the world. These songs are uplifting, chilled out or simply some good food for thought. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we have!

1. Mexico

Invasión by The Plastic Revolution

I love the easy tune and the video – all done with Instagram pictures! It reminds me of potential, imagination, simple things and how much one can achieve with the things one has around, without realizing it.

– Irene

2. Russia

Каста “Тебе в прикол” /ft. Леонид Климин (видеоклип)

The song is about moments when we should forget about everyday routines and do something that simply makes us happy.

– Marina

3. Peru

Libertad by Laguna Pai

A relaxed and bubbly song that talks about striving towards a better life in Latin America and walking towards the kind of society we want. “Put a fence in front of us and we will climb it.. if on the other side is our freedom”

– Kirsten

 4. Morocco

With my own two hands by Ben Harper

Voilà voilà.. an inspiring artist with such a motivational song. The lyric goes : “I can change the world .. with my own two hands ”

– Ryhab

5. Italy

Nu juorno buono by Rocco Hunt

This is a powerful song by a young rapper from Naples. It describes a ‘new day’ where young people don’t need to emigrate because there is enough employment. A time where people ‘make love, instead of grabbing a knife’. The chorus says ‘this place must not die, my people must not leave, my accent must be heard’.
It’s even better with footage of Naples so check out the original video here

– Gioel

6. Denmark

Levanta – Outlandish

This Danish group is multicultural with its members from Morocco, Honduras and Pakistan. I like the group because they touch on a lot of topics and values which I feel are generally forgotten in the Denmark

This song reminds me that if you fall down, there is always a way to get back up! And that you should not get back up only for yourself, but for a lot of people and that can really change things.

– Jonas

7. Russia

Мураками – Нулевой километр

This is a song by ‘Murakami’ from Kazan called ‘0 km’. To me it is a reminder of the places we all start from. They can be big cities or small towns, loved or hated and may even be places we’d like to escape from. Still they can also be something to hold on to, our own history, something that makes us stronger.

– Aleksandra

8. Morroco

Fnaire-Ma Tkich Bladi (Rap Maroc)

“Don’t touch my country” is a rap song that came out after the terrorist attacks in Morocco back in 2003. My favorite lines say:

“Don’t touch my country, my land and my ancestors’ land, my land and my loved ones’ land, and terrorism in my country, let’s stand up together and call out don’t touch my country”. Plus the music is just awesome!

– Nouha

9. Romania

Heart Beats by Johnny Swim

I love this song beause it pushes you to break boundaries one heartbeat at a time!
“I’m born to go where they tell me it’s impossible
Fan the flame and walk on the water
I’ve got heaven locked up in these bones”

– Leyla

10. Morocco

Pala Tute by Gogol Bordello

I feel ready to conquer the world when I listen to this! Nothing but love

– Youmna

We hope you liked these beats. Do you have your own songs to suggest? Share them below our post on Recrear’s facebook page


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