Children of God

Taking our time resting, we could have stood there staring at the sun and the moon’s glow all day long if it weren’t for those adorable little humans. Out of the blue, we were surrounded by kids. We knew later on that these kids were children of the coffee shop owner at the rest and the very few people who live there. The kids were jumping and dancing all over the place; asking us to take pictures of them, their friends and their parents. It was wondrous to see their infinite enthusiasm.

The kids knew that they most probably would not see the pictures after we leave. They knew that they might never see our faces again. Nevertheless, they were as excited to get their picture taken as a little kid with an ice cream. I guess that the mere thought of someone outside of their circle taking an interest photographing them made them feel like celebrities. To tell you the truth they were the stars in our eyes.

Children of Egypt

The guy who said ‘eyes are the window to the soul’ knew what he was talking about. Yet, their eyes were not just windows to their souls; they were gates to life and all it can behold. One of the kids asked us if he could someday speak a foreign language as good as us.  He stared at us with a sparkling glimpse of hope as we told him ‘yes’.

There was something about these kids living in the outskirts of society that drew you near to them. Living on the fringes of the so-called civilization has given them the chance to see beauty in the simple things. It has given them a chance to escape burden; a chance to live their lives free of the shackles of the media and the curse of development.

Whether it was the kid who calls you names and pulls pranks, the one who follows you around everywhere, or the one who watches shyly from the sidelines; you can clearly see the spark of life in their eyes. It makes you wonder, kids really are children of God. It makes you think, that maybe it’s not too late to rejoin your old pack. Maybe it’s not too late to set your kid free.

Mohamed E. Issa
Founder of Debate for life

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– The Recrear Team


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