Finding our voice

Voices have always been the open paths towards mutual understanding. A voice in itself, shows significant details of one person’s personality, poise and represents in a unique way the way people view the world.

There are a million ways to use voices. Talented people are lucky enough to be able to create a musical instrument with the use of their voice, while others feel the need to reach out to others and showcase their ideas, the reasons and means which motivate their voice. Different people have diverse perceptions of the importance of voices, but, no matter your country of origin, your background or your beliefs, as human beings, we are always attracted to the idea of finding OUR VOICE.

Some people have low voices or high ones, voices that shiver and voices that shine, voices that know when to stand up for what they believe in, and other voices that choose to silence themselves when times are rough. Voices illustrate our minds and are the best example of what and how our thinking process looks like. As well as voices have different ranges and pitches, people’s mind and overall perceptions do too.

One’s voice is defined by our environment and our beliefs, our strengths and weaknesses and other numerous factors but, most of all, it is defined by our essence. Working with this group of amazing people has made me realize that even if I have a voice of my own, I can find a way of tuning it to others’ melodies in order to create a beautiful symphony.
Always remembering that even false notes have their place in the bigger picture.

– Yolanda

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– The Recrear Team


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