Our best kept secret.


It is that time of the year @ Recrear. We are planning Magnify – accommodation, speakers, group composition, program, workshops, transport, fun activities, delicious food – we are thinking about all details.

But Magnify is our best kept secret, because we are never good enough at telling the world how spectacular these two weeks can be.

The problem is that Magnify is an experience, and every experience needs to be lived….

Some of you might be thinking – Do I go or do I not go? To be or not to be?

So here we go: 3 top things you need to know about why Magnify is magical, to me:

  • Magnify is Luxurious: (No, we won’t be moving around Medellin in a limousine). To me Magnify is luxurious because I get to spend two weeks in a 24/7 real-life university. I learn from my thoughts, from my interactions, from my fears, from my excitement and that of others. If we are in this life to learn and grow, it does not get more luxurious than this.
  • Magnify is Expansive: Sometimes you need triggers to experience joy. The kind of joy where it is not clear where it comes from, where it goes, or what is for. Joy that matters, and joy that is expansive. So Magnify is full of these moments. They happen in the cracks: Hang outs in the park, moments of chilling, late night chats that give you aha! moments. Nobody knows when those moments will come, and they will be different for each person. But they will come. Like a wave of warmth. How do I know that they will come? Well, I don’t. But what I do know is that we are social creatures. Being together with a group of people that has taken the decision to be together must surely be one of the definitions of joy.
  • Magnify is Intentional: Magnify’s magic is not casual, it is intentional. We are intentional about the people we invite, the speakers we engage with, the food we cook, the hostels we book…. We are intentional about the care, passion, and enthusiasm we put in the process of organizing the conference. So of course there can be hiccups, but the intention paves the way for good things to come our way.

Well, I think I could write a book about Magnify. So before I go on, are you already convinced?

Here is my summary: Coming to Magnify, you choose to be: vulnerable, convoluted, fun, reflective, Intercultural (with capital I). Even moody (hopefully just sometimes). But you. You. You with others.

It is worth a try!

Have ANY questions about Magnify? Bring it… (below)


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