Last day here!

So, today was the last day I’m going to be at Al-Najah with Recrear-Apply. I’ve had a fantastic time getting to know some of the students from this fine institution, all of whom have been excellent ambassadors for their community.

I had the most fun taking the session on Culture Shock, where the participants had intriguing views on the role of secularism, freedom of religion and the Islamic perspective. As these are all issues that I hold a strong personal and academic interest in, I hope that I imparted as much insight as I gained.

In addition, I found my TED-like session on The University of London and the Said Foundation was perhaps where I was best able to get my point across. My point being that: anyone at Al-Najah has the potential to get a place at a university or an internship somewhere out there in the wider world if they just believe in themselves and are willing to invest time in their futures from now.

Apart from the workshop, it has been an honor to get to work in the presence of luminaries such as my fellow presenters, Dr. Mohammed, Yazan and the team of magic-working volunteers. Thus, at this time, I would like to take this chance to express my deep gratitude to everyone I have had the good fortune to work with during my time here.

I hope to see you all again sometime in the future. And, I promise to blog again soon 😀



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