Post-Session Adrenaline

Hey Everyone!

I just finished a session about interview skills for applying to jobs in North America and Europe and it was incredible! The level of involvement from the students is so impressive and the comprehension of the expectations employers have during job interviews was right on.

A big question that came up was, “what do I do if I feel too stressed during or before the interview”, my biggest piece of advice was to BREATHE!  The power of our breath is incredible, it can help calm our nerves and make still our mind.  Breathing can help make a very stressful situation bearable.  This is why I love meditation and focus on my breath during difficult situations.

During the session we had constant discussion and involvement from the group.  When discussing potential questions an employer may ask, we covered the topics of: strengths and weaknesses and overcoming obstacles. One student discussed a personal example of his commitment to his studies and his commitment to long-term goals.  He talked about how he continued to attend his school and to write exams during the Intifada when Israeli soldiers were intermittently firing at, or bombing areas of Nablus.  I found this example very powerful, and told the students that many employers in North America and Europe would appreciate such honest examples, and such real examples of perseverance and commitment.  I wanted to share this with all of you today.

At the end of the session I brought the discussion back to nervous energy.  I made all the students stand up and act like they were sneezing.  While ‘sneezing’ they would have to release all the air from their body and make a loud noise! Imagine 200 students doing this together… it was great! I love making people leave their comfort zone and I hope to do that more and more everyday!

Ana Oheboukoum (I love you all)

– KM


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