Ideas in practice

The emotions that I experienced in the last two weeks have added another piece of heart to my mind. After a semester of intense studying and reading on “development”, getting on the ground and putting my ideas into practice is stimulating.

In so many moments during this trip I had déjà vu of my courses at Cambridge University. The people I have talked to in Nablus should be all PhD students. Discussing their struggles and aspirations, they were encompassing in simple, straightforward words the concepts that I have been thinking of intensely. But they speak with a level clarity that makes their words so profound.

Delivering Recrear-Apply! was illuminating through highlighting the gap between the knowledge that you can gain in a class environment and the epiphanies that only face-to-face, heart-to-heart interaction can generate. I hope that the students that attended Recrear-Apply! can feel the excitement that I have felt organizing this workshop and their projects.

This project took the dust off of my ‘WHY’ (In Kirsten’s Recrear-Apply language). My aspirations, ideas and vision are fertile around people and I strive for a balance between loving people around me to death and learning by doing.

– GG


2 thoughts on “Ideas in practice

  1. Thank you Gioel , those words made me so proud of my and out self
    thank you reacrear for the great work shop that (I didn’t feel the difference between you and us which is very smart form you guys ) that we took it together

  2. hi every one.I’m Muhammad from Palestine student at Al-Najah univ-study information technology
    !–(sorry if my english bad but try to understand me :D) –!

    i want to thank you all komal,Gioel,kristen,qasem,keven and special thanks to recrear .
    reaaaaaaaaaly you are great group,this is the first time that i feel happy ,, every one of you leave something special
    Komal: have a very nice smile ,and all of us love you, you are success girl you have a lot of thing to do .and when you try to do something you do it professionally,better. (Best teacher) .
    Goiel: your very kind and also all love you.good &funny teacher
    keven:in the beginning i felt that you are very serious but after few days i found your smile and you you are good & kind man & good teacher :P.
    Kristen: i dont know a lot about you but i think you can help any one need your help. and you can make people happy from your behavior like making something crazy 😛
    Qasem: you are very very very kind you are very simple .every time you tried to learn us and illustrate if something not clear,thank you
    again im sorry if my language bad .
    good buy good luck for all
    i wish that we can meet in the future

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