Mia bel Mia

As I write, I am in a state of pure euphoria. The last session of Recrear-Apply! was today and I am SOO proud of all the work  that all of us did together. It is 1.00 am and the Recrear-Beta team is working on a final report after an amazing evening.

Giving Mia bel Mia to this projects just feels right!

– Gioel


One thought on “Mia bel Mia

  1. u are guys awesome Mia bel Mia 😀
    and I luv u soo much it was realllly the best 9 days ever thank u so much for everything..
    I didn’t participate and share my opinions but I enjoyed listing to u and to all the group it was amazing
    and I’ll work on my communication skills maybe someday I’ll meet u again and can speck to u fluently
    I luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ❤ ❤

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