Welcome to Recrear Magnify

The deadline to apply to RecrearMagnify has been extended to July 20th for Canadian applicants! Fee is $650 for applicants from Ottawa and $850 for applicants from outside Ottawa.  Apply now!

Welcome to the main site for the Recrear 2011 annual conference in Ottawa, Canada. We’re excited to be hosting 13 outstanding youth from July 31st-August 22nd and to be providing unparalleled leadership and NGO management training in the field of international development.

RECREAR was launched in August 2010 as an International Non-Governmental Organization during a conference for young creative minds in Berlin, Germany. Through this year’s conference, we plan to expand our current network and integrate new members into our international staff as well as provide leadership training along the way. The participants will receive training in a variety of areas that will help expand Recrear’s current foundation as well as set the organization on track for a prosperous year ahead.

In this site you can find more information about the conference and the application form. Before applying, we encourage you to think about the role you would like to have in shaping the future of Recrear. We look forward to meeting you in Canada!


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