Into the home stretch . . .

So many people are probably wondering just what is going on with Recrear lately.  It’s been pretty quiet with 100 Voices finishing up, and our applicants are probably getting antsy to know what is going on.  So, I’ll provide a little update!

It’s 3:15 AM here in New Orleans, and after days of staring at my computer screen I am finally finished formatting all of the documents that will be part of our RecrearMagnify 2012 Acceptance Packet.  (Applicants we’ll be sending out Acceptance Packets soon!)  I was about to crash into a deep sleep when I decided to channel all of my positive emotions (the ones overriding my sleepiness) into a note to Recrear’s team, applicants, partners, sponsors, and followers.

Since the wrap up of 100 Voices we have been working extremely hard.  The website is well underway and it looks amazing with all the great work that has been done so far.  (Be sure to keep an eye out for the official launch.)  The conference committee have been putting together a conference that is sure to engage our team, new and old, in ways that will keep us smiling, learning, growing, sharing, reflecting, and working together to develop Recrear.  We have been recruiting around the globe, and so far we have 31 applicants from 14 countries that have kept us busy with applications and interviews; and let me just say the prospects are beyond promising.  RecrearMagnify 2012 is sure to take Recrear to the next level, and it’s right around the corner.  Everything is happening so fast!

I’ve been toiling over the mound of work left before the conference, but I’ve been enjoying every second of it.  There’s a special sensation I get from being involved with an organization like Recrear (the team, the work, the idea) that started last year at my first RecrearMagnify.  There is a sense of connection, an electric feeling in knowing that while I sit at my desk in the US I have friends in South Korea, Ecuador, Morocco, Canada, Russia, South Africa, and more all working towards one common goal.  Transcending oceans, borders, and cultures is where Recrear resides, and this is what it’s all about.  This is the essence of Recrear’s vision to change the way people help each other around the world.

I can’t help feeling beyond excited about what’s in store for Recrear.  I’ve never been happier working into the wee hours of the morning.

As I sign off I’m thinking of how I felt leaving RecrearMagnify last year:  I felt that I had learned so much that it would take me a whole year just to be able to share it with people who weren’t there.  I couldn’t wait to begin the process of executing all of the exciting work we had set up for ourselves.  I felt like I was part of a family, a group of people that would be a part of my life for a long time despite the oceans, borders, and cultures that separated us.  Of course I would miss everyone so much, but excitement and empowerment are what I was left with when I hopped onto the bus as my new friends waved me “see you later.”  (I still have this amazing mental image of them running after the bus and waving.)  I was now part of something so much bigger than I could have guessed.  We were a group of people who all wanted to see our world improve, not for our own purposes or by our own means, but for the sake of people who really needed help and on their own terms.  This is Recrear.

I can’t wait to welcome more people to the team.



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